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Quality Management

The use of a well-designed and fully implemented quality management system can be a great business tool which can drive the overall quality of the product or service provided. This in turn will improve customer satisfaction and therefore the reputation of the business, it may also increase the financial turnover and ongoing viability.

The introduction of a quality management system based on ISO EN 9001:2015 will provide a systematic and process driven approach to managing your business allowing it to run seamlessly through all business activities.

quality management

It is common that small and medium sized businesses feel that they don’t have the knowledge or time to put an effective system in place and go forward for accreditation. We have recognised this and can work with your business to help you become more efficient and effective.

We achieve this by getting involved with you, your employees and your business by doing the paper work for you whilst sharing knowledge including a simple internal auditing process relevant to your business. Then once you feel more in control and everyone within the organisation is clear about their roles and responsibilities and having the ability and authority to resolve problems quickly and effectively, we can either step back completely or continue in a supporting role, as you require.

We are members of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme offering our extensive experience to businesses embarking on a variety of accredited ISO systems.

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